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Where is the best place to dive in Cyprus?

Cyprus has a wealth of excellent dive spots that cater to all levels of diving experience and interests, making it difficult to pick just one best location. Some of the most popular dive spots in Cyprus include the Zenobia wreck off the coast of Larnaca, the Amphora Caves near Cape Greco, the Blue Hole near Akamas, and the Wreck of the Nemesis off the coast of Kyrenia. Each of these sites offers its own unique features, making Cyprus a top destination for scuba diving in the Mediterranean. The Zenobia is a famous wreck dive and is ideal for advanced divers, while the Amphora Caves are known for their beautiful rock formations and crystal-clear waters. The Blue Hole offers a unique underwater tunnel system to explore, and the Wreck of the Nemesis offers an opportunity to dive into history and explore an authentic shipwreck. In addition to these popular dive spots, Cyprus is also home to several beautiful coral reefs, underwater caves, and fascinating underwater heritage sites. Overall, Cyprus is a diver’s paradise and offers something for everyone.