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Dive Deep Diving Center is located on the island of Cyprus of the most beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, provides the opportunity to see amazing beauty of underwater for diving lovers. Diving center is located at the Eastern Mediterranean University Beach Club  facility.

In 2005, we started this delightful adventure as an amateur, in 2009, we have seen interest from our environment and our friends, thanks to the support we have received in 2010 we increased number of equipment and we have developed ourselves and our means on internal standards. We have built dive center and we stepped professionalism but we never losing the spirit of amateur and excitement within us. In the dive center, we have highly trained, experienced and internationally certified instructors. We work with SSI (Scuba School International) which is one of the most trusted institutions of scuba diving and sets the standard and provides education within the framework of these standards all over the world SSI (Scuba School International)

We are in co-operation with EMU which is the most popular educational institutions in North Cyprus. We are partner with EMU in Artificial Reef Project and Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center and we provide technical diving to these projects. Besides, We co-operates in some dive centers in Southern Cyprus. So, we share the riches of underwater of Cyprus.

Deep Dive Diving Center have many diving spots in the waters of Cyprus and we are waiting lovers of scuba diving to our dive center to share the beauty of underwater of Cyprus.

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